The okaicom search engine was launched by the Aicom Web Performances agency, an agency specializing in digital communication. This French-speaking agency, created in 1993, was initially oriented towards promoting its know-how in telematics. To this end, the agency has created innovative Minitel services, including 3617 Locazur or 3617 Cheznous, which were services dedicated mainly to real estate ads. In 2000, nearly 25 million users were subscribed to Minitel services, with the arrival of the Internet, Aicom naturally continued its progression in the world of the web by transforming its Minitel services into real estate and shopping sites.

In 2018, as part of the development of its activity and know-how, the digital agency is now offering another part of its activity: the okaicom thematic search engine.

The advanced features of the okaicom search engine

The search engine has been designed to provide users with a smooth, simple, yet equally efficient user experience.

It should also be noted that advanced functionalities allow for refining searches on search engines, and in particular on Aicom Web Performances's one. By entering the query, users can use specific languages to better optimize their search:

  • Quotation marks ("locksmith in New-York") are used to guide the search on the entire expression;
  • A dash (-craftsman) placed in front of a word allows it to be excluded from a search;
  • A tilde (~insurance) in front of a word in the search query allows you to include the synonyms of that word in your searches;
  • A star (*), instead of unknown words, makes it easy to find an expression when you do not remember it in its entirety;
  • Putting OR in your query allows you to search for one word or another.

Cookies are used to enhance the online experience.